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Are you coming?

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…..You can join the remnant who are seeking God with passionate, reckless, abandon…We have been crucified to the world ~ its treasures are alarmingly vile compared with Christ and His eternal rewards. We want JESUS, His FULLNESS, His POWER and nothing else will satisfy.

We don’t care if you kill us. We are DETERMINED to SEEK with our entire being until He consumes us completely with His Holy fire. We won’t go back and we won’t let go. We will STAND & BE COUNTED or DIE … To us, life without Jesus is not an option….

You can have an ETERNAL impact on this world ONLY by bowing your heart, surrendering your will, and reckoning your ALL on the One by Whom ALL things consist… Let’s make today a lethal blow to the devil’s hold on humanity…the way to THAT kind of victory is death to self….ARE YOU COMING?

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