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Easthams in Africa – Bunga House

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After about two weeks of looking for a house in Kampala, we signed a rental agreement.  We hope to move into the house in a few days!

The house fits out needs. It’s a 3 Bedroom, 2 ½  bath, two story house with a nice yard and vegetable garden.  We estimate it to be about 1200 sq feet.


Bunga House


Kitchen (stove and fridge will go on the right)



The house is located about 30 minutes south of downtown.  It’s a quiet community (called Bunga) off of Gaba Road.  Here’s a hyperlink to a Google map.


The plot is to the upper left of the marker.  There are two houses on the plot.  The smaller house is the “boy’s quarters.”  We will probably use that for homeschooling our 3 kids later.


The landlady is a project manager at one of the major banks here in Uganda.

Thank you for praying for us – we have been receiving a lot of favor from her.  She also liked how well the kids behaved. 


There are a few things that need to be done before we move in.  These are generally security-related, such as adding razor wire along one wall.

We still need to find a day and night guards and guard dog. Guards are essential before we can move in. 


Please pray that the LORD would give us wisdom about and provide us with honest guards.



John Eastham,

New missionary to Uganda