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The Scotts: Reaching out to college students

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Every Wednesday we have the opportunity to worship with, pray with and teach college students in Cape Town. On their lunch break from 12:30 – 1pm, all the students are invited to come and hang out with us in the library. What is really cool is that the college allows us to play live worship music in the library! This is great as must of the students in there end up coming and hearing about Jesus and how to live their lives. 

It started out as an evangelistic outreach, but we noticed that out of the 20 + students attending, most were already saved. With that in mind, we started teaching on the attributes of God. We have seen much fruit from this teaching and praise the Lord that we are there for these students. Many are from other countries and really don’t have a strong Christian group of people to be with in Cape Town. 

This was something that really attracted us to Cape Town. We can affect up to 10 countries without ever leaving South Africa! What a blessing this has been! 

Please continue to pray that the Lord would be working in the lives of these students. Pray that they would stand strong in the face of temptation and they would leave this world behind for the glory of the Lord. 

Grace and Peace, 

Bob, Suzanne and Bobby Scott

Cape Town, South Africa