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Do You Trust Me?

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You cannot surrender to Jesus until you know beyond all shadow of doubt He has your best interests at heart.
My colleague, Erica – who serves the children in Northern Uganda, invited a group of teenagers for a discipleship class. She asked them all, “Do you trust me?” They all smiled and said, “Yes!” She asked the leader of the group to stand up as Erica moved behind her and said, “Ok, now fall backward and I will catch you.” The girl could not do it; she was afraid Erica was not strong enough to catch her. Erica then called one of the chaplains serving with her in Kitgum to fall back and she caught him. As soon as the girls saw Erica could catch them, they all asked for another chance.
Aren’t we just like that with the Lord?
We say we trust Him, but we fear to fall backward….
You cannot trust your life –
your dreams,
your future,
your family,
or your finances –
without confidence in the One you are doing it for.
You need this, today and for all of your tomorrows.