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Sweet Somethings….

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Intimacy with your Maker ushers us into a deeper and richer relationship; one of intimate daily instruction. As we choose the better portion, the same one Mary chose, and sit at His feet, worshipping Him for who He is, receiving His love and grasping for ever deeper revelation; then Jesus pours Himself into us.

Not just once, not just for big things…but continually and for all things!
You see, my precious sisters, when Jesus is speaking to you, it is not “sweet nothings.” He is purposeful and intentional – so it is imperative that we come to a place of radical obedience. Obeying without question or hesitation, trusting that He knows what He is doing and is worthy of our complete and immediate submission. He is intricately weaving the scriptures together and showing us step by step how to follow after Him.
This intimate instruction is His great pleasure!