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He Lays Down His Life

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He lays down His life for us.
I see this same love, this deep bond of friendship everyday on the mission field. I live in a war zone. On March 2000 when a bomb was dropped over our compound I saw this scripture come to life. I ran to the foxholes only to find they were full. I was confused and afraid and started to panic. A split second before the bomb landed, a brother pushed me to the ground, saving my life because that bomb landed only 40 feet to my right.
My friend Ruth, heard the sound late… as she saw me running she thought, “I wonder if anyone told Rick?” With no thought for herself, she ran from her tent to his. As she opened the zippered door, sure enough he was seated at his desk oblivious to what was going on. As Ruth tried to explain the bomb exploded. God in His infinite mercy spared them both…for you see Ruth would not have made it to the fox hole in time, her course was on the direct path of the shrapnel – it sliced through her tent and furniture like a hot knife goes through butter. His tent was the only one shielded by a large tree that stopped an array of deadly bits of metal from reaching them.
Her willingness to lay down her life for a friend saved them both.
The men of the chaplaincy corps are devoted to Jesus, and as such, count their lives worth nothing if only they might finish their race with joy (Acts 20:24)
How much more does our God love us….protect us…provide for us?
Ladies, He is the most Faithful Friend!