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Human Trafficking in Kenya

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I talked to Sam, (not his real name) a brother from Calvary Chapel Nairobi, on Sunday. Sam serves with an Inductive Bible Study Training Program. The ministry takes the training seminars to various regions all across Kenya. 


Sam shared that his heart was broken over the devastation Human Traffickers are inflicting on families deep inside the village. The Kenyan government took a bold step to close down all agencies recruiting young men and women to work in the Middle East. While that doesn’t eradicate Trafficking it does make it harder to prey on the innocent. Sam had no idea the networks enslaving Kenyans had penetrated so deep into the interior. Agencies, just like the ones in Nairobi, manipulate and deceive young people into thinking a job awaits them abroad…instead torture, sexual slavery, exploitation, and horrible abuse is all they find. The paycheck never comes and most families NEVER hear from their children again.
Women committed to fight Human Trafficking in thier village

Sam has firsthand experience with Human Trafficking – first watching us trying to intervene for Grace and then an agency lured his sister with the promise of a job. By God’s grace the message informing her to report for her flight was “accidentally” sent to him. Thankfully his sister was spared…others are not so fortunate.


While upcountry, Sam was shocked to discover agencies just like the ones in Nairobi, are devouring families. Because it seems like a legitimate job opportunity and because the poverty level is so high, families willingly agree to send their children for work… He met two families who just lost their daughters


Sam told me that his heart was so broken when he saw how big the problem is and asked us to pray for him. Although he is overwhelmed with sadness he is committed to speak out – bringing awareness and warnings to pastors and leaders. Sam attended our Awareness Seminar at Calvary Chapel Nairobi in August and now passes the information along as he travels. Please pray for Sam to have discernment and boldness. Pray the communities will heed the warnings!