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Cup of Cold Water

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During my last my trip into the Nuba Mountains, I saw families living in absolute poverty. The chaplains in the Nuba Mountains have been at war for 17 months with little or no resupply.  With rags for clothing; shoes and simple things that we take for granted do not exist.  Food is very scarce and the traders that are bringing it in are charging $200 for a 50 lb. bag of rice.  People just cannot afford to buy food with the average income being $300 a year.  Our men are all thin from the lack of food.  They and their families are hungry.  Yet, they do not complain. They continue to serve the Lord and the people with a joyful heart. We want to send each chaplain a plastic tub filled with what each family needs and a 6 month supply of beans, rice, oil, sugar and salt, so they can eat.  If you would like to be a cup of cold water to a weary soldier of the cross you can donate $500 to make sure they receive this much needed food and encouragement. 
After our staff returned from dropping in 9,000 lbs. of medical supplies, we heard from the commanders that they could not believe so much medicine had been delivered.  The general in charge told the men that this was a great gift, to guard it and make sure it made it to those in need.  I want to thank all of you who gave.  Jesus said, “I was hungry and you fed me.”
In the Lamb,
Wes Bentley
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