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To Africa, and Back, On Less Than a Tank of Gas!

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The work of the ladies of Rabuna Fi is available here in Murrieta, California and just in time for Christmas.  For a limited time, we have transformed a portion of our US Headquarters into a boutique filled with craft items from South Sudan, Kenya and Northern Uganda.  The handiwork of the women of Rabuna Fi is reflected in bags and purses, jewelry sets, rings, bookmarks, pashminas, skirts and journals.
Visit Africa in the bold colors and designs of Kitenge fabric purses and bags.  Glimpse a textile tradition from Uganda in our journals that are covered in bark cloth and embellished with embroidery by the ladies of Rabuna Fi.  
No need to apply for a passport!   
For a quick shopping expedition to Africa, visit:
38615 Calistoga Drive Suite 100
Murrieta, California
Our office is open Monday thru Friday, from 8:30am to 5:00pm. 
Any questions?  You can reach us at 951-677-4474
Hope to see you soon!