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Inner Resources ~By Frances J. Roberts

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Today is a new day; His limitless grace and inexhaustible mercy are yours.
Take them, SHINE, and then spend your all giving it away!

Never allow circumstances to frighten you, My child. You are not defeated by outer circumstances, but by inner weakness. Whenever you are challenged, look not at the magnitude of the problem, but examine your inner resources. Out of the abundance of My Spirit within you shall come the necessary strength to meet the demand; nothing shall confront you that is greater than My grace.

It is easy to walk in the Spirit, because to do so implies the flow of My life through your heart, your mind, your actions, and your speech. It is the life of Christ made manifest. It is the new creature displacing the old. It is the kingdom of God evidenced where once reigned the kingdom of self. It is love supplanting hatred, and righteousness triumphing over evil. It is hope, joy, and peace. It is kindness, tolerance, and understanding.

To move in love is to move in power, and the deeper the love, the more effective its action upon the total personality.