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Prayer Points for Far Reaching Ministries

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We are so blessed by your involvement in our ministry!  Here are the latest prayer requests.  


  • The Nuba Mountains & Blue Nile areas continue to need ongoing prayer.  There are upwards of 700,000 people that are reportedly surviving on roots and leaves.  Pray that relief efforts of the magnitude necessary would be able to safely get into these areas.  75 of our chaplains continue to serve in the Nuba Mountains.  Please continue to intercede for them as they tirelessly serve.
  • Pray for our container that is traveling to South Sudan with supplies.  Pray for safe travels and quick entry into the country.  Pray against corruption, as port and border individuals consistently try to extort money from us.  These attempts significantly slow down the container and supplies getting to South Sudan.
  • Please continue to lift the ladies from Gelle.  Ask the Lord to bear much fruit through His Word in their lives.  Pray that we would be able to establish a much needed village church.
  • Continue to pray for the ladies of Rabuna Fi and the youth involved in our church plants.  Ask the Lord to continue to mature them.  Pray that others would see the difference in their lives and desire to know Jesus as a result. 
  • Please pray that all 75 of our chaplain serving in the Nuba Mountains would be able to take a two week leave to come to the compound to be refreshed and strengthened in the Lord, as well as be resupplied with uniforms and needed equipment.
  • Pray for the government and military leadership in South Sudan as it is going through a very trying time among its senior members.

Zavala Family: Nairobi, Mombasa, DR Congo

  • Please pray that Bianca’s fungal infection on her scalp (tine capitis) would heal soon.
  • Please pray that God would provide sufficient finances for their family.
  • Please pray for Eunice, Maura’s mom, who was recently diagnosed with Diabetes.
  • Please pray that homeschooling wouldn’t become illegal in Kenya.
  • Please pray that God would heal Twinkle’s health.
  • Please pray for Feb 4th intake of Bible College, that God would draw those that He would have come to join the college.  Thank you for your prayers.
Rees Family: Thika

  • Praise the Lord! Little Kayla was born to Gilbert and Esther. They are both overjoyed at seeing so many of their prayers answered and receiving the desire of their hearts, their precious little girl.
  • Pray for Tom and Cheryl as they make arrangements to attend the mission’s conference in Montana with their first missionary pastor. Pray for what Tom and the missionary share, and that the Holy Spirit will move in a special way so that all will be encouraged to be on fire for Christ.
  • Blessings on all the missionaries who attended the Calvary Chapel Missions Conference last week. Pray for Susan, a missionary to Iran as God directs her in future missions. Also for Jeff who is a new missionary starting out, to have a long and fruitful ministry.
  • Pray for Tom and Cheryl as they are praying for preparations and timing for arriving in England. Pray for their visit to Glouchester that God will open doors. Pray for them to be a light in the darkness and that people’s hearts would be turned to Jesus.
  • Pray for God’s blessing on the congregation in Montana and a blessed time of fellowship with everyone.
  • Pray for Connie, a lady Tom and Cheryl met at the bible college who is in need of healing.
Ruth Deam: Karen

  • Please pray for her immigration situation and direction on when she should start the citizenship process.
  • Please pray for the Prison ministry; whether or not to start counseling program for women who finish their term in prison – to prepare them as they go back to the community.
  • Please pray for ministry opportunities that the Lord will bring this year and that she will be obedient to His guidance.
  • Please pray for this year’s travels, starting with her flight to Kenya next week.  Praise God for each one of you; for your love, prayers and support!

  • Please pray for the sale of our Kampala guesthouse.
Kanyike Family: Kampala

  • Please pray for the pastor who will be arriving this weekend, for safe travels and quick adjustment to jet lag.
  • Please pray as we also have a family coming to stay with us while they are adopting.
  • Please pray for Brian as he is teaching through the book of Romans.
  • Praise the Lord, Jill’s knee is finally beginning to heal.  Pray she keeps from injuring it again.
  • Praise the Lord that Luke is fully recovered from his malaria.
  • Pray for all the ministries taking place at CCK, for the Lord to be glorified in all things.
  • Thank you for faithfully praying for the ministry in Uganda and for the Kanyike family.
Eastham Family: Kampala

  • Pray for the safety of vehicles parked at church during services. Pray that the person(s) involved in the theft be brought to justice.
  • Pray for church staff member Elvis, concerning whether to plant a church in Burundi or Uganda.

G***** Family

  • Pray for God’s continued guidance and wisdom during this time.
  • Pray that the paperwork for K***’s immigration visa would be speedily processed.
  • Pray for God’s wisdom on the possibility of ministering in D*****.
  • Pray for good health for K**** as she has had recent unexplained chest pains.
  • Pray blessings upon K****’s family as they have welcomed us in their home without any reservations.

Scott Family: Cape Town

  • Please pray for the Scotts. Their landlord needs the house back that they are living in and they have to find a new place. 
  • Pray that the Lord would guide them and lead them in the direction that He wants. 
  • Please pray for the church plant. The Lord has added people and they pray for their growth. 
  • Please pray for Bob as he starts off the New Year with ministry opportunities. Pray that the Lord would guide him as he is making decisions on what to do with the time they have. There are many opportunities to serve the community and they want what the Lord is leading them to. 

Baranov Family:  CC Vladimir

  • Pray for the salvation of their nation. Pray for the workers in these white fields.
  • Please pray for Pasha’s family to go on strongly and faithfully in the ministry.
  • Please pray with them for logistics in regards to the trip to Germany for Alissa’s laser treatment, and the actual effect of this upcoming treatment.
  • Please pray for the upcoming missions trip to Cuba.  Pray for Pastor Pasha as he teaches at the Pastor’s conference.
  • Pray also for the construction portion of the trip; pray that remaining preparations go without disturbance and stops, so that all get their passports and raise the necessary finances. Pray for funds for Pasha’s tickets and for some power tools for him to take along.
  • Please pray for the family that is doing the church plant in Ivanovo. They need wisdom, vision, strength, and teams of helpers in this initial season.
  • Pray that the outreach with the video screen would be a success and overcome any fears people have of the church.
  • Please pray for Volodya’s ministry to go on strong.

E**** Family

  • Please keep them lifted as they finish up T***’s adoption.  Their packet is now in the US and their I-800 paperwork is on the way to the US Government.  That means that they should be getting another set of fingerprints and background checks done soon.  After that the whole packet goes to the Chinese government for approval.  Ask the Lord to set T*** legally in the family he is already a part of.

  • Please pray for God’s provision for Sean’s business. 
  • Ask the Lord to be Laura’s banner and encouragement.
  • Please pray for the Celebration Life Festival and Crusade in St. Joseph, MO.  Pray for God’s heart, guidance and vision, for His favor, anointing, & power to be with Eric Martin, Ellis Lucas, Dave Lin and all who are involved in organizing, training or working with production and planning the event. Also for a great harvest of new and excited Holy Spirit filled believers.
  • Please pray for Pastor Jim and Carol Garlow.  Please continue to pray for the whole Garlow family.  Ask the Lord to hold them safely in the palm of His hand, and minister especially to Carol in whatever challenge she is facing medically today.  Pastor Jim sends his thanks for upholding them in prayer.
  • Please pray for Elly.  She is a newborn who is very sick. 
  • Please also lift Donovan.  He is experiencing some health issues.  Please ask the Lord for a complete healing.
  • Please pray for Donna to make a full recovery from surgery.  Ask the Lord to completely eradicate the infection in her body.