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Do you want to look into the eyes of the Man who died in your place?  
I do.

What is the cost?  

When I look back on these past two years, on the journey the LORD put me on, I see how Jesus brought me to a place where I needed to surrender to Him everything: my father, my mother, my daughter, all my relationships, all of my friends, places I wanted to serve Him, my desires, and all of my dreams.  There are not enough words to express the depth of His love and the care He showed me through the months of struggle I had as I was learning how to walk moment by moment, yielding to Him, and yet Jesus is the One Who did it all.  There is a song, the words of that song very well describe the place the LORD has me now. 

I will waste my life, I’ll be tested and tried,

With no regrets inside of me, just to find I am at Your feet.

I leave my father’s house, I leave my mother.

I’ll leave all I have known and I’ll have no other

Oh! How I love You and there is no cost.

oh! How I love you and there is no loss.

Oh! How I love You I want to take Your name.

Oh! How I love You I want to cling to You Jesus.

Jesus Christ had counted His cost when He left His glory and became a Man, lived among us, and died on the cross.  He said It is Finished!!! He was risen on the Third day.  His grave is empty. He is coming back.  And He did it all because of a love for us that is so great we can barely comprehend it. 

Do you want to look into the eyes of the Man Who died in your place?

Natasha Chilikina

Nairobi, Kenya

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