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April 2023 Believers Are Suffering Tremendous Persecution

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First, I want to give you some blessed news. As of the 27th of February, 1,850 Afghan citizens have been rescued. And it is because so many of you gave generously that the ministry was able to save these lives.  Members of our staff met with top intelligence people in the U.S. government because our government’s quick pull out left many who had worked for the United States in particular, a group of 28 in great danger. Our team worked many hours to find safe ways to get them out of Afghanistan. Many ended up in the UAE (United Arab Emirates). Fortunately, when we met with top officials and intelligence, they agreed to help these people to immigrate to the U.S.

There is a second great piece of news: all the sponsors needed to care for the first group of children in Latin America have been raised and with that the children will be safe. I have to be vague in sharing information to protect these little ones.  I will be traveling to the country we are talking about in May, and I have a meeting and dinner scheduled with the president of the country. One of the issues we will be addressing is the current law that when a child is sexually molested, they are not allowed to be put up for adoption.  I hope to get the president to agree to change this law. We will also offer assistance with skills to help them fight this great evil of selling children for sex. 

Far Reaching Ministries (FRM) is moving in new directions because of these kids. We plan to build many orphanages all across this Latin American country that can hold about 100 children each. The long-term goal is to care for several thousand children.  Gabriel, our country director, has informed us that the country we are working in has many safe areas that the government does not have control over. But they are controlled by different tribes, and the government has a hands-off policy to keep the peace and that we would be able to build homes and not be bothered by corrupt officials or the criminals.  January of last year, I was flying into a country bordering Afghanistan. While on the plane, I was praying and felt like the Lord was telling me to set up an organization like Interpol. Interpol, a name which combines international and police primarily partners with existing agencies to facilitate and empower them to be more effective in their investigative and intelligence activities. Interpol works through existing organizations to facilitate investigations and intelligence operations through special expertise, unique experiences, and various international contacts.

Interpol does have its own operators, but mainly contributes through its knowledge, experience, and the experiences of those who serve in Interpol from existing investigative and intelligence organizations worldwide (like the FBI). In this way, Interpol is strongest as an enabler and a force multiplier.  Similar to Interpol, FRM has increased its partnering with various missionaries, chaplains, pastors, and churches by bringing unique skills, experiences, funding, and contacts. FRM is supporting, advising, and enabling existing works in Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. FRM is also advancing the efforts of many missionaries, pastors, and chaplains in other countries who have been abandoned by their donor base or who lack specific knowledge, skills, and abilities (in intelligence, investigations, and special operations) to move past their current obstacles.

When the thought first came, my first impression was, ‘Lord, this sounds nuts to me.’ But while Brent and I were in the Afghan mountains, I told him nothing about what I was thinking. He started talking to me and saying that as the world turns darker and darker, Christians all over the world are going to be in great danger and will need early warning and help to escape being killed. He then looked at me and said, “Have you ever thought about starting an agency, like Interpol, but instead to protect Christians and innocent people from being killed by wicked nations and fanatics?”  Needless to say, the Lord got my attention. So, I called Luke, a friend who spent 33 years in special operations and intelligence and asked him what he thought of the concept. He replied that it was very much needed and that many of his former colleagues were believers who also believed in the need to protect the innocent from persecution. He said that he had the experience in investigations and intelligence to help set up such an effort.  It is strange, but whether by God’s design or coincidence, FRM has both former FBI and CIA working for us, plus many former special forces. And we can clearly see persecution coming for the church. We get calls all the time from people asking for help in really bad situations.

Just a couple of weeks ago, we were contacted and asked to rescue 44 orphans and about 15 staff. In the country where these missionaries work, the government has collapsed, and it is now run by gangs. The president was assassinated by a drug cartel, and the country has no functioning government. A gang surrounded this orphanage. They wanted the facility because it had solar and water and was a great place to live. The gang gave them a few days to leave and warned them that if they did not, they would kill everyone. A few days later they beheaded three people and left the heads in front of the orphanage as a warning. I called a friend who was formerly with the Seal teams and has gone on to run his own private contracting company. A rescue operation was prepared to get these people to safety, including 44 children who were babies and toddlers. Then the director, who lived in the U.S., decided he wanted to do things his way. We contacted him and told him it was a big mistake because he was not a trained soldier, nor did he have any experience in the intelligence world. He repented and agreed to follow our direction, then backed out again at the last moment. The children were moved, but now they are in a much worse situation. Where they went, they cannot get supplies such as food, gas, or medical services.

To move them again is a long journey through roads with many criminal gangs that have set up roadblocks. I spoke with Brent and said, “We will hear from him again, and it will be one of two scenarios: either a bunch of his people will be injured or killed, or he will be asking for help again. If he does call, you are to instruct him that he either follows our instruction or we will not help.”  In another situation, criminals attacked a peaceful community, and people were in great danger. We were able to bring our people in, and I cannot go into detail, but the criminals are gone.  What I believe is that the Lord wants to set up an intelligence apparatus to rescue those in great danger and persecution.  Folks, we share what we are planning on doing because people need to be made aware that such organizations exist in order to get help. However, we are unable to share the inner workings of rescue operations to protect those involved.  At the beginning of 2022, I felt that the Lord was telling us to open a Bible school in Europe and start this security agency but because of the pain in my body, I put things on hold. But during this time, the Lord told me very clearly not to be tossed to and fro. The Word tells us if any ask for wisdom in James 1:6, to ask with faith believing.  “But let him ask in faith with no doubting. For the one who is doubting is like the wave of the sea that is driven and tossed by the wind.”  The good news is that after a year of trying to find out what was bothering me, the doctors finally discovered that I have cysts on my spine in several areas, and it will require some minor surgery. I made the appointment with the specialist, but it will take three months just to see him and then schedule the surgery. So, it may be another half year before I get relief, but at least I know.
Be assured with every new task the Lord gives us, we pray and discuss to make sure we are not stepping outside the will of God.

I personally have no desire to start another organization. But I do have a desire to be obedient to the Lord. And I realize that many lives may depend on how faithful we are with these tasks.  In a war, militaries often fight battles in many locations and fronts. Often one becomes stable and manageable. while another requires more attention and resources. Right now, the most critical front for us is Burma.  The killing is severe, and many believers are suffering tremendous persecution. The most important need we have at this time is for funds to help believers in Burma.  Every day, I get emails with terrible stories and photos of rape, torture, and murder. We have already sent about $400,000 to help, which has all been spent to feed the people and to care for them medically and spiritually.  The missionaries in Burma really do need another $100,000 just to meet basic needs. And every dollar we have sent them has been accounted for. As we continue to provide for people in 38 countries around the world, please prayerfully consider giving to the ministry in Burma–many are sick, wounded, hungry. And many women have been raped and their husbands have been killed, leaving them alone and scared.

Wes Bentley

Far Reaching Ministries