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August 2020: She Outworked Them All

View August 2020 Full Version of the Newsletter One of my very closest friends is a Dutch woman named Tirza. We met many years ago while we both did ministry in Russia. What drew me to her was when I led a team of Americans to come and do outreaches in the prisons. On the […]

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September 2020: Kingdom Race

View September 2020 Full Version of the news letter Every man has a journey to make in this life, and John Riel, chaplain number C00367 wanted to make one that would count for all eternity. John was born into a non believing family and grew up without the knowledge of Christ. War makes a man […]

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July 2020: This Empty Kitchen

View July 2020 Full Version of the Newsletter I know many of you who have been long-term supporters have heard portions of this story in previous newsletters, but this is for those who are new and need a little background information first. Before Far Reaching Ministries (FRM) was started, I had originally worked as a […]

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June 2020: A Day’s March Nearer Home

View June 2020 full version of the newsletter Peter Gai graduated with class six from the Chaplain Corps. What made him so different, from any other chaplain we had ever trained, was that he had immigrated to the U.S. as a refugee—being one of the Lost Boys of Sudan. One day, when Peter was 11 […]

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May 2020: The Righteous Enjoy Plenty In Time Of Famine

View May 2020 full version of the newsletter With this newsletter, I want to give you the ability to trust that the Lord is going to take care of your financial needs. When I first went to the mission field, I came from a very small Calvary Chapel. While the ministry and fellowship were a […]

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April 2020: We Do Not Need To Be Afraid

View April 2020 full version of the newsletter I know that a lot of believers are afraid right now, if not terrified, because of the coronavirus. But if we understood the hand of our Lord, and His ability to protect us, we would be at peace. The Word says that he whose heart is set […]

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March 2020: Three Thousand Women

View March 2020 full Newsletter It started last summer with a pastors’ conference in Masindi, Uganda. We invited 450 pastors and 125 women to come, but 900 pastors showed up and close to 400 women. Then, Vicky began having women’s conferences. At first, we thought 300 would show up, but 1,300 came. There would be […]

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February 2020: TYPHOON

View full February 2020 newsletter here The word typhoon does not strike fear in most Americans because we cannot identify with what this truly means. However, in the Philippine Islands everyone knows exactly what the word typhoon means. In South Sudan we often get visitors, both believers and non-believers, who come to the base just […]

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January 2020: LIONS TO LAMBS

View full January 2020 newsletter here Why a man would participate in the rape of a woman, I will never understand. While the war in South Sudan has been deadly, the evil of what men can do to women and children rates as some of the worst things imaginable. As a soldier, I can understand […]

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December 2019: Christmas Update

View full December 2019 Newsletter here I HAVE GIVEN YOU THIS LAND TO WORSHIP ME Chief of Staff, General Jagot, sent for Ismail saying, “We are in a very bad situation. We have only one 120-millimeter gun and only 10 shells of ammunition. The enemy has a superior size force and numerous weapons.” Then, he […]