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Meet the Masindi team!

Here are Richard and Suzan Angoma – can you see their love for Jesus radiating in their smiles? Richard is wearing the wide brimmed hat and Suzan is on his left. The Angomas direct Family Empowerment Ministry located in Masindi, Uganda. They are pictured here with some of the youth who are part of their […]


In Africa ants are a favorite food. Here are a few pictures of the tasty little buggers . These pictures were taken at the farm in Masindi. One anthill I saw at the farm was twice the size of a Toyota Land cruiser! ~Vicky

Harvest Time at the Farm in Masindi

One of the fruits of the Holy Spirit is patience (Galatians 5:22) and l believe a farm is one of the good places to learn this virtue. At Canaan farm the past few weeks till now we have been harvesting maize (corn) planted in the months of June and July. It’s been quite a hectic process […]

Faithful ‘disciples’ take the Word to neighboring village

These faithful saints share the Word of God with one of their neighboring villages after completing preparation training. God used them mightily!  Many from the village came forward at the end to receive Jesus and prayer.  I sat in the audience stunned at what I was witnessing.  These men and women, who are almost too […]

Prayer Requests and Praises

This weekend our guest house in Kampala was broken into. We had one of our chaplains from Sudan at the guest house watching over it while Brian and Jill are on furlough. Our security guard came to the door asking for a drink of water and when Lino opened it there was a group of […]

Amazing Story of God’s healing

I met a man and his wife at the Nimule hospital. Their story touched my heart so much that I could not stop praying for them. The wife was admitted with an unknown disease. She was unable to walk or talk. The family said she was already dead. Her husband said, “I knew God was […]

Attention Skilled Tradesmen

The chaplaincy training center in Nimule, Sudan is in need of upkeep and maintenance. Therefore, we are looking to put together a construction team to replace windows, paint and do various construction projects. If you are interested in joining this special team and possess skills in the areas of: carpentry, masonry, painting or tile laying, […]

Our airplane and landing strip in Sudan

Today we got to help MAF coordinate with the local government as our Nimule airstrip is being repaired. The renovations will mean our strip is 1500 meters long and 15 meters wide. This airfield has: enabled pastors and missionaries to safely bypass dangerous LRA territory, evacuated staff members who needed urgent medical care, and brought […]


As the community leaders came forward to thank us for coming, they offered this great gift of appreciation to FRM.