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Calling Prayer Warriors… by Natasha Chilikina

Last Sunday Vicky challengeed us at CC Nairobi to get into the battle through PRAYER against human trafficking…Are you in? Vicky Bentley sharing at Calvary Chapel NairobiMarch 25, 2012

Josiah Update! ~by Natasha Chilikina

Janet holding Josiah I just got a text message from William, Josiah’s father, saying the passports for Josiah and Janet are ready!  Praise the Lord! Thank you for praying! Please ask God to give Josiah breath on the flight to Europe, for favor with the doctors, for God’s hand to guide the surgeons, and for […]

Swallowed up in Him… ~by Vicky Bentley

What are you waiting for? All you have to lose is your flesh… Once Christ consumes you, and the realization that you are living in His Spirit comes alive you will never want to go back…He is so glorious, so incredible, so indescribable you will never again be satisfied to live carnally… Read more: Swallowed […]

Are you coming? ~ by Vicky Bentley

Leonard Ravenhill rocked my world again this week…I hope he will also grip your souls and that you will yield to the beckoning of the Holy Spirit. Here’s the reality, if you and I bow to our knees and agonize over the sin of the world, letting the tears flow freely ~ understanding they come […]

John Eastham learns how to drive in Uganda

We moved to Uganda about two weeks ago.  So I need to learn how to drive here.  My first time driving was essentially only around the block a few times.  The drive helped me become familiar with driving on the other side of the road, shifting gears with my left hand, etc. My second time […]

Out of Our Comfort Zone

Recently I had the opportunity to go and minister at the Booth Hospital in Cape Town. It is a Salvation Army ran hospital for patients who are on their last leg. We go and pray for these patients, some for salvation, some for healing and others just for the strength to make it through the […]

National Freedom Rally March 23, 2012

Join Us in Standing Up For Religious Freedom Friday March 23! Friends of religious liberty will have the opportunity to stand up for our precious God given unalienable First Amendment rights at more than 120 locations nationwide this Friday at noon. The peaceful event called “Stand Up For Religious Liberty” is a protest of the […]

Update on Josiah! by Natasha Chilikina

Many of you read the story, posted by my fellow missionary and friend Jamie, about the family of William and Janet detailing that their baby boy, Josiah, has a life threatening heart problem and is in need of surgery quickly. Read the entire story at Far Reaching Ministries: Baby Josiah By Jamie McKinley Janet called […]

The Easthams: Getting Some Driving Experience

We have been in Uganda about three weeks now.  My last blog posting was about a difficult day driving in Kampala.  I would like everyone to know that things have gone much better since then. With the help of some good navigators, I have successfully driven several kilometers of road (both paved and unpaved) and […]

FRMA inflight testimonies… ~by Vicky Bentley

Far Reaching Ministries Aviation has been partnering with Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) since we began the search for our Cessna Grand Caravan. The team of experts serving with MAF United Kingdom assisted us in locating and selecting our plane. When we took delivery of the aircraft in 2006 it was flown to Uganda. MAF and FRMA […]